Industrial Carousel Sales


AS/R Systems provides a wide variety of professional services, including the purchase and removal of industrial carousel systems.

Since 1991, AS/R Systems has offered sales and service for rebuilt horizontal and vertical carousel systems, carousel software design and integration, warehouse management systems, and industrial carousel purchase, removal and relocation. AS/R Systems is the industry leader for all your material handling needs.

Want to Sell Your Warehouse Carousel?

If you are interested in selling your storage carousel system, AS/R Systems offers a purchase program where we inspect and evaluate your system, then offer to buy the carousel from you. Once the sale is finalized, our professional carousel technicians tear down and package the system for removal.carousel.jpg

Our carousel removal crews have performed hundreds of carousel equipment removal projects in all types of business environments including warehouse, factory, hospital, and office sites.

There are other options too, including warehouse carousel replacement or relocation. If you are looking to upgrade your current carousel system, AS/R can install a warehouse carousel direct from our rebuilding facility and take your current system as a trade. You'll experience minimal downtime as the new system can work in parallel with the old until the replacement is complete.

If you wish to simply relocate your current storage carousel, AS/R Systems can facilitate the removal and re-installation of your system in the new location. AS/R technicians can also inspect your carousel and recommend any part repairs or replacements.

Industrial Carousel Products and Services

AS/R Systems has led the industry for over 20 years with industrial carousel sales, service installation, removal, and relocation.. Follow the links below for more details on each of these specialties and more:

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